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Intact Frenulum


~ by Dr. Neville Wilson Ankyloglossia, or tongue-tie, is a congenital oral cavity anomaly, affecting between 4% to 10 % of infants, and is characterized by an abnormally short, thick or tight, sublingual frenulum, often causing restricted latching to the maternal breast, with adverse feeding outcomes for both infant and …

Obese Belly

Are the Irish Getting Fatter?

~ by Dr. Neville Wilson  (10 May 2015)   Results from the UK Health Forum Study presented to the 22nd European Congress on Obesity in Prague, (6-9 May 2015) should be a cause for alarm amongst all Irish citizens, and also for all professional bodies who assume responsibility for public …

Child being Vaccinated

Vaccines and Measles Outbreaks

  – by Dr. Neville Wilson.   (February 2015)  ( An abridged version of this article was printed in the Irish Medical Times on  13.03.15 )   In the IMT edition of 20/02/15, in characteristic combatant style, a certain Irish Medical doctor and regular columnist for the Irish Medical Times (IMT), reprimands …

Osteoclasts on DrNevilleWilson pic from cdaarthritis


VITAMIN K2 AND OSTEOPOROSIS A Non- Pharmacological Approach to the Management of Osteoporosis by Dr. Neville Wilson November, 2014. Osteoporosis is a serious and potentially debilitating condition, in which human bone fragility can give rise to unsuspecting fractures in vulnerable elderly males and females, with increased risk for morbidity and …

Magnesium Strong Bones

MAGNESIUM & OSTEOPOROSIS: An Intergrative Approach to Osteoporosis

MAGNESIUM  & OSTEOPOROSIS A Non- Pharmacological Approach to the Management of Osteoporosis by Dr. Neville Wilson. November 2014 World Osteoporosis Day is observed every year on 20th October. The expanding incidence of osteoporosis, and its potential for serious consequences, warrants a sustained public awareness campaign that should not be limited …